From The Experience of a Beggar

This is the dedication extracted from All Hajj Mekaeel Maknoon’s second publication ‘The Significance and Purpose of Traveling in Islam’…


To those who are willing to struggle in the cause of Allah and who when afflicted with adversity and calamity say, ‘to Allah I belong and to Him is my return… Oh! My Lord and Cherisher to thee is the Journeys end’

From The Experiences of a Beggar

The psychological, emotional and spiritual contentment of the beggar is in knowing the Giver of the gifts he receives expects no reward, desires not to be fed and is Self-Sufficient.

No greater thing could be asked for, and no better gift could be given to the Beggar, than the dignity in not having to beg again of others, and the means to earn more dignity in providing for himself and his family.

Love is in similitude an edifice that is a gift from God for the comfort use and enjoyment of man and for which there is no rent. Eviction occurs only because of neglect and poor maintenance by its occupants.

After the intense joy and pleasure of wanting comes the difficult, constant and continuous responsibility of having, and still maintaining the wanting after having.

True knowledge and the soundness in understanding of the Reality is often blurred by distance and newness. Before any commitment, get closer to reality and be aware of newness by confirming your knowledge and understanding, by again touching, looking, listening and reasoning.

The memory space in the human brain does not decrease with the ever increasing input of information, rather it increases as more information is received and recalled. After that, what is forgotten is only by the will of God.

Seek wealth by gaining knowledge. Attain and maintain the condition of being wealthy by setting a ceiling on wealth and being content. Enjoy wealth and being wealthy by knowing its value and use and never becoming attached to the sources of wealth: it is futile because one must part even from their own body.

Al-Hajj Mekaeel Al-Kanan Maknoon


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